iPal – Your Virtual Friend

We know you love to use apps on your smartphone. We know you often download apps that are better than what you have right now, those that provide timely information and entertainment. No doubt about it!

But what about using an app that can act as your virtual friend? One that you can interact with like a real human being. An app that can become your friend! Wouldn’t that be fun?

You may have heard about the virtual pet in the past. It featured a dog that you can take care every day of through a small device.

iPal is similar to that! Only this time, it’s a Virtual Friend. And this time, it’s more convenient because you can have it in your smartphone without the need for a separate device.

Our Virtual Friend app can be anybody you want. You can create it to be your virtual girlfriend, virtual boyfriend or simply a virtual friend that you can communicate with and play games with.

If you still haven’t found the love of your life, iPal can serve as your virtual girlfriend or virtual boyfriend. Through our mobile app iPal, you can create the look of your virtual friend; receive greetings every morning via text messages and even jokes to perk you up. To make it more exciting, you can get calls as well if you want to.

Isn’t this a super cool app? You definitely MUST download iPal Virtual Friend app if you want to have a constant companion that is sure to stick with you regardless of the weather and your moods.

The Stats. Apps are convenient and useful. They provide timely information and entertainment whenever, wherever.

Statistics have it that use of mobile apps nearly doubled from 2010 to 2011. Majority (79%) are used in social media and gaming.

Mobile apps continue to be developed. As of 2012, the Apple App Store had more than 650,000 apps while the Google Play store had more than 600,000. IOS users were also found to have downloaded more than 30 billion apps from the Apple App Store alone.




Create a virtual friend, virtual girlfriend or virtual boyfriend by choosing a specific gender and nationality. You can also create his or her facial features; choose a hair color and shade of skin. You can make your friend as stylish as you want. Choose and change styles, colors of clothing and accessories as often as you like and set the time and day when these changes will take place.
Interestingly, you can pick your favorite place too that you’d like to be the background of your virtual friend.


Be inspired! Let your virtual friend send you special greetings every day from the time you wake up until you go to bed at night. Your virtual friend never forget to greet you for special occasions such as on your birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Make a Call

We know you want to get calls from your virtual girlfriend or virtual boyfriend. Of course, you will receive calls at the time you want and with the melody you like. iPal is a super cool mobile app for iPhone that once you start using, you will surely never let go off. It’s your virtual best friend for life.


Your virtual boyfriend or virtual girlfriend is not only caring but intelligent, too. It can give you advice from famous quotes and share interesting as well as informative facts.


Wouldn’t you like to know what your horoscope for the day says? This feature can find and send your horoscope every day to let you know what’s good and not good for you.


Having a virtual friend can be fun! It can share jokes and funny stories with you that can either make you smile or LOL (laugh out loud).

Fortune Cookie

Apart from the advice you can get, your iPal will give you a surprise gift in the form of a fortune cookie each day. Each cookie contains a harmless prediction.

Games You Can Play

There will never be a dull and boring moment with your virtual friend. It keeps two of the most popular games – Checkers and Tic Tac Toe which you can play together anytime, anywhere.


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